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1)RegistrySmart #1 Conversions: ***2007 Vista Certified! - We offer 24/7/365 Live Support, Remote Assistance, Active Protection, Check-out Assistance, Live FAQs and more to ensure your traffic converts day and night without interuptions - Affiliates Make 120,000/Month with PPC! Now with Msn/Goog/Yhoo Tracking!
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2)Ultra Hot* SpywareBot: #1 AntiSpyware. - We Offer 24/7/365 Live Support, Remote Assistance, Active Protection, Check-out Assistance, Live FAQs And More To Ensure Your Traffic Converts Day And Night Without Interuptions - Affiliates Make 120,000/Month With Ppc! Now With Msn/Goog/Yhoo Tracking!
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3) Increased Conversions! - We Convert 2x As Good As Any Other Adware/spyware Product! See The Difference. Easy Ppc Sales! Now With MSN/Goog/Yhoo Tracking!
Popularity: 3
4)ButterflyDownloadNetwork- High Revenue - Do You Miss the Old Days? Let Our Conversions Be Your Time Machine!
Popularity: 4
5) - #1 Reverse Cell Moneymaker! - New Teaser Search - Top Notch Conversions - Real Records - Extremely Low Refund Rate!
Popularity: 5
6)Jason Profit Moffatts Niche Browser. - Give Away My Niche Browser For Free, And Reap Tons Of Backend Sales! Your Customers And Visitors Will Love You To Death!
Popularity: 5
7)RegSWEEP #1 Converting Registry Cleaner. - New*** RegSWEEP Converts 2x Better Than Any Other Registry Cleaner! Now With Msn/Goog/Yhoo Tracking!
Popularity: 6
8)ParetoLogic Privacy Controls - New. - Log Into For Top Landing Pages, Split Testing, Conversion Tracking, Dedicated Support And More.
Popularity: 7
9)New* #1 - The Official Protect Your Job, Family, And Identity ! Msn/Goog/Yhoo Tracking!
Popularity: 8
10)Hover-iT customizable hover ads! - Creates Unblockable Hover ads Not popups!
Popularity: 9
11) - Where Web Investigates. - Ultimate Conversions - Ultimate Revenue!
Popularity: 9
12)New: The Official Spyware Remover! - Highet Converting/Paying Spyware Remover On Cb! By AdwareAlert Team! Now With MSN/Goog/Yhoo Tracking!
Popularity: 10
13)New* Macrovirus #1 For AnitVirus. - MacroVirus Converts 2x Better Than Any Other AntiVirus Product! Plus: MSN/Goog/Yhoo Tracking!
Popularity: 11
14)Pc Optimizer Pro. - Earn 20 dollors per sale, selling highly desirable PC Optimizer software. Current affiliates making large returns..
Popularity: 12
15)Satellite TV PRO & Goohay - Just Released on Cb* *Satellite Tv Titanium* & GooHay - Earn $60 Per Sale* Signup @
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16)SpyWare Detection & Removal Software! - CB's Top Affiliate Program In 2003 And 2004. Our SpyWare Nuker Is Top Choice By Consumers, And Extremely Easy To Sell.
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17)SpyZooka 100% Spyware Removal Guaranteed. - CBs Only Tucows 5 Cow Rated Anti Spyware Software. Over 50 Five Star Awards Won - Sub IDs, Ppc Tracking, & Exclusive Links.
Popularity: 14
18)Registry Genius Registry Cleaner. - Ultimate Conversions. Affiliates Earn 75%. Repair Errors & Optimize Windows, With Google/Overture/ADCenter Conversion Track.
Popularity: 16
19)RegClean #1 Converting Registry Cleaner - Try Integrated MSN/Goog/Yhoo/ AND CLICKBANK Tracking! Easy Ppc Sales!
Popularity: 17
20)Easy Pdf Creator. - Easy Conversion, Low Refunds, High Roi , Try It Out!
Popularity: 18
21)Help Them Surf The Web Faster? - Make Money Along! Its Too Easy, Try It Now!
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22)Search Records - Brand New! - Massive Public Records Megasite!
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23)*NEW: AntiSpywareBOT 2007 - Top Converti - Market-leading ROI! $3000/Day Affiliates - Easy Ppc Sales! Integrated MSN/Goog/Yhoo/ AND CLICKBANK Tracking!
Popularity: 20
24)Win-Spy Monitoring Software. - Monitor Your Home Pc Or Any Pc Within Network.
Popularity: 21
25)Hot* Brand New: RegistryBot. - From AdwareAlert Team - Highet Converting/Paying Designs On Cb! Easy Ppc Sales! Now With MSN/Goog/Yhoo Tracking!
Popularity: 22
26)Message Board Blaster! 500+ Free Ads! - Submits Your Ads To Over 500 Message Boards In One Click!
Popularity: 22
27)Moonlightcinemanetworks - High Revenue. - Time To Make Money - Extreme Conversion, Highest On The Net.
Popularity: 23
28)Pc Booster - Top Offer - $20 Payout. - Fast Converting Offer. Top Affliliates Earn $10k-$20k A Month. $4 Million Paid Out To Affiliates 2005.
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29)MalwareBot #1 For Malware Removal. - Rip Malware Related Keywords Apart! Converting Like Crazy - Now With Msn/Goog/Yhoo Tracking.
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30)SpyOnThis Version 2.0! - New 2.0 Version Is Converting Even Higher - Easy Ppc Profits With 75% Payout!
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31) - All The Records. - Investigation Traffic Welcome!
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32)SpyNoMore Anti-Spyware. - Spyware Is Making Headlines. With Over 150,000 Detection Rules, SpyNoMore Is The Answer.
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33)My Nabyoo - Family Friendly Filter. - Dont Settle For Second Best! Monitor Pc Activity, Block , Chat, P2p Software And Much More.
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34)Scan & Delete Objectionable & sexual Content With Content Cleaner - Content Cleaner Is The #1 Objectionable & sexual Content Cleaner Parental Control. Detect what a web and Internet filter misses. Free PC Scan. The Times Newspaper Recommeneds.
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35) - Civil Records Online. - Marriage, Divorce, Birth - Any Records!
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36)Background Records - Perform Background Reports!
Popularity: 34
37)Ftp Client Pro. - Ftp Software. Transfer Website Files Easy.
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38)***Brand New: ErrorSweeper 2007 - #1 Con - Finally! Top quality utility software on CB! We dare you to compare us! INTEGRATED conversion tracking with Goog/Yhoo/MSN/ and C
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39)Anti-Spyware: Earn 60% Per Sale! - See Our Amazing Stats At Http://
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40)ThreatNuker - No Description Provided
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41)Spyware Removal System. - Affiliates! Make 75% Selling This Great Spyware Remover! Earn 75%!
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42)Evidence Eliminator - Spyware Killer! - Eliminate Your Internet Tracks And Spyware While Boosting System Performance! - 75% Commissions!
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43)Pal Internet Speed Booster. - Make Cash, Great Sales Page. Earn 75%!
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44)Registry Cleaner/Optimizer. - Free To Download But Users Must Register To Clear Errors. Earn 75%.
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45)RegistryFast - #1 Converting Cleaner - Brand New Registry Cleaner, Converting Like Crazy, With Msn/Google/Yahoo Tracking
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46)Pop-Up Stopper 3-in-1 & Anti Spyware! #1. - 65% - Sell Pop-Up Stopper Brand Ad Blocker And Anti-Spyware - All In One.The Only Product To Block Every Ad & Spyware, Guar.
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47)Hide Files And Folders. - Hide Files And Folders With This Folder Security Software.
Popularity: 46
48)82 Xp Speed Secrets & Computer Software. - Complete Windows Xp Speed & Security System With EBook(R) And Optimizing Software Plus 4 Additional Software Creating $277 Value.
Popularity: 47
49)Pc Integrity Scanner. - See What's Hiding In Your Computer. Clean Up Your Pc.
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50)FinalBid 3. - Win Your EBay(R) Auctions With This Ingenious Bidding Software! Earn 40% For A Payout Of $14.40 Per Sale!
Popularity: 50
51) Spyware and Adware Removal - Best Spyware Removal Software. Unbelievable Conversions - 75% of 39.95
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52)Desktop Snooper, Pc Surveillance System. - Protect Your Child From Online Predators, Catch A Cheating Spouse, Excellent Opportunity, Keep 100% Of Profits Plus Free Website.
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53)Pal Popup Eliminator - 75% Comissions. - Stop Those Anoying Popup Ads Forever!
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54)Brand NEW**Official Windows - The Official Windows! 24/7/365 Live Support, Remote Assistance, Active Protection, Check-out Assistance, Live FAQs and more! $3000/Day Easy! Integrated MSN/Goog/Yhoo/ AND CLICKBANK Tracking! Real Affiliate Cloaking! See for yourself!
Popularity: 55
55)AuctionTamer Software Program. - Auction Item Monitoring Software For EBay(R), Amazon, Yahoo & FairMarket Auctions.
Popularity: 57
56)New One-Of-A-Kind-Software Fixes DNS Errors! - Untapped Niche Market! Not only does our new software convert extremely well but our unique try-before-you-buy method cuts refunds down to practically zero!
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57)XoftSpy Anti-Spyware. - Top Xoftspy Affiliates Earn $3,000 Per Day Through Google Adwords & Overture. High Conversion Rates!
Popularity: 59
58)Adware & Spyware Removal. - Experience An Extremely High Conversion Rate With This 5-Star Award-winning Adware & Spyware Removal Program.
Popularity: 60
59)Adware/Spyware Remover - Free Scan. - Fastest Selling Adware/spyware Remover On Cb. We Have Amazing Conversions With 70% For Affiliates!
Popularity: 61
60)Stiqmo Mobile Desktop. - High Security Portable Applications To Run From Any Usb Device: Browser, EMail, ToDo List, Etc.
Popularity: 63
61)Disposable Instant Computer - Velite. - Create An Instance Of Your Computer - Like A One-time-plate. Use Enjoy Trash Throw Away And Have A New One! - Be In Control!
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62)BEST Deals on the INTERNET MAGICEBOOK's - *** Highly Discounted eBooks *** TOP eBooks in a Shopping mall format. Earn commission on each and EVERY SALE ! Commission- 50%
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63)Computer Video Repair - Online Home Study Course for you
Popularity: 67
64)The Decisive Steps to Your PC Security: - WARNING! Dont even thing about downloading or installing any programs until you read this... a stitch in time will save you nine.
Popularity: 68
65)Easy Spyware Killer -Affiliates Earn 75%. - Earn 75% Selling This Software Downloaded Over 1 Million Times.
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66)Web Promotion Advertising - - A Pay Per Click Search Engine That Delivers Highly Targeted Traffic For Only $0.01 Per Visitor. (Web Promotion Advertising.
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67)Pal Pc Tracker - Stops Computer Theft! - Computer Software That Allows You To Find Your Pc Anywhere In The World If Its Ever Lost Or Stolen!
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68)Firewall Protection - Great Product. - Greay Seller, See For Yourself And Earn More Money.
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69)Evidence Neutralizer Erase your tracks. - Incl. Pop Up killer. Clean your internet tracks. Keep your privacy.
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70)PopupMaster Pro - Best-selling Popup Software Beats Popup Blockers And Explodes Your Subscriber List
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71) - Now 70% Payout - Far And Away, The Highest Converting Program On Cb!
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